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Our Process


We hand select all wheat stems according to the length and diameter to ensure suitability for drinking use.


The outer skin of the wheat stems is removed and sent for the first round of the rinsing process to remove any foreign particles.


The wheat stems are soaked and rinsed with sterilised water to ensure our strict hygiene standards are satisfied before being air dried.


At 30% humidity, the wheat stems are cut by machine to ensure all straws are the same length.


The straws are sorted and inspected according to our strict product requirements to ensure customer satisfaction.


The wheat straws are washed again using boiled purified water.


After the wheat straws are dried, they are placed into a disinfection cabinet, which uses the ozone method to sterilise the wheat straws further.


Finally, the wheat straws are tied together and prepared for the hand-packed plastic-free packaging.

Our Mission

Hay Straws was developed to provide a practical and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic and paper drinking straws. Driven by our passion for the environmental crisis facing our planet, Hay Straws strives to provide a sustainable drinking straw solution for all.

We became inspired by the anti-plastic and no straw movement after reading dozens of articles about plastic polluting the ocean, not to mention the shocking video of a straw being pulled out of a sea turtle’s nose.

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Get in touch

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Email: hello@haystraws.com.au

Office Phone: +612 9131 2727

Address: Suite 102, 25 Angas Street, Meadowbank 2114, NSW, Australia